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Happy Rider

Posted on novembre 24, 2011 by tommasini

This is the most beautiful bike of the 4 bikes I own. Knowing the history of Italian cycling I knew I had to buy a Italian made bicycle and Tommasini has made my dream come true. The workmanship, smoothness of ride, handling is 5 star rated. The tecno was delivered perfect and I mean perfect. The tecno is also much lighter than I had would have thought. I can hold 21 to 22mph on the flats the same as my Cervelo. Tommasini knows how to make great steel frames. Thank you Tommasini and all the craftsmen at Tommasini.


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  1. zhang, hao scrive:

    on the end of 2011, I also bought a Tommasini/tecno, red and white, Wow,amzing! I like steel Italy frame very much, so elegant! hope we enjoy the Tecno, hightly appericate all the craftmen of Tommasini

    Best wishes

    zhang hao

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